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Wooden Labels


Wooden Labels

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Blank Wooden Seedling Labels (Pack of 50). Ready to be written or engraved on to.
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Blank Oak Stakes (Pack of 5). Ready to be written or engraved on to.
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Engraved Oak Stake, available in two size options.
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Engraved Rectangular Wooden Hanging Label. Supplied with single hole and slots for either tree label fixings or tree ties.
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Engraved Heart-shaped Wooden Hanging Label. Supplied with single hole and slots for either tree label fixings or tree ties.

Introducing our premium Engraved Wooden Labels—a perfect blend of functionality and natural beauty to elevate your gardening experience. Crafted with precision and care, our wooden labels are FSC-approved.

Key Features:

  1. FSC-Approved Solid Wood Labels: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of FSC-approved Wooden Labels, providing a sturdy and eco-friendly foundation for your garden labels.
  2. Versatile Label Fixing Options: Choose from a variety of fixing options, including tree label fixings for wooden fences or mature trees, and adjustable tree ties for flexible placement. Our labels seamlessly adapt to your garden's unique layout.
  3. On-Site Manufacturing: All our products are manufactured on-site, guaranteeing quality control and attention to detail. This ensures that each engraved wooden label meets our high standards and exceeds your expectations.
  4. Pre-Treated with Danish Oil: Unless stated otherwise, our wooden labels are pre-treated with Danish Oil, enhancing their natural beauty and providing additional protection against the elements.
  5. Preservation Tip for Longevity: To extend the life of your labels, we recommend treating the wood with a quality preserver regularly. This simple step ensures that your labels maintain their charm and durability over time.
  6. Consistency Across Orders: We save all your engraving work, maintaining a consistent look for future orders. This dedication ensures that your garden or projects maintain the same layout and style, preserving the aesthetic integrity.

Elevate your garden with the timeless appeal of our Engraved Wooden Labels. Enhance sustainability, embrace natural beauty, and bring a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

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